Speech Language Pathology

Speech language pathologists (SLP’s) work with people with speech, language and communication challenges to help them meaningfully engage with others and participate in daily activities. SLP’s assess and support communication challenges, as well as feeding & swallowing difficulties.  

At Inner Rhythm Pediatrics, our sessions are customized to your family’s goals, priorities and specific needs.  We understand that you  are the expert on your child; by working together, we can combine your knowledge with our experience in the science of  communication development to best support your family. 

We strive to be inclusive and neurodiversity-affirming in our practice and dedicate ourselves to learning from families and the lived experiences of others.

Laticia, SLP with Inner Rhythm Peds


Assessments can be a mix of informal observations ( of speech, language, voice, oral motor, social connection & functional communication)—and standardized assessments (focusing on language & speech sound development); these help us better understand your child’s communication and support your goals and priorities. 

In-Person and Virtual Sessions

Sessions focus on developing a relationship, supporting regulation, and providing a safe space: this is foundational to engagement and learning. Activities are based on the goals set from input between the children themselves and their families.

Consultation & Education

Parent education and support are essential parts of our role! When families feel supported, they can advocate effectively and parent in ways that feels right for them. Education sessions are collaborative and can be provided to a wide range of audiences, including families, schools, and team members.