Your child has a unique view of the world

Their support should be just as unique as they are

Your child has a unique view of the world

Their support should be just as unique as they are.

Brendan has changed our lives. I cannot say enough good things. He’s incredible with my kids. He takes a refreshing and neurodiversity affirmative approach to his practice. He is an integral part of our family’s support and wellbeing

– Christie C.

Our Approach

We all have our own strengths. Being fully present with children opens us up to the opportunity to acknowledge and build upon their strengths and create meaningful connections that will help guide them through their day-to-day experiences. We recognize that we are all rhythmic beings, and at Inner Rhythm Pediatrics, we’re here to help you find the right rhythm—between you, your child, and their world.

Our team members come from different backgrounds with many wide-encompassing goals, but our goal, in particular, is to bring joy to your child and family. We believe children feel true joy when they feel safe in their bodies, relationships, and their ability to play. With that destination in mind, our form of therapy is based on a calm, compassionate, and focused presence. Our practice is based on a relational approach that is developmentally informed and trauma-aware.

At Inner Rhythms Pediatrics, we have a background in working with children—from a wide variety of neurotypes. Whether it’s ADHD, sensory processing, autism, regulation, motor skills, coordination, or difficulties with anxiety and meltdowns, we provide resources and strategies for success both at home and in your community. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about how occupational therapy can benefit your family.


Assessments can be a mix of informal, including balance, strength, body awareness, speech and language—and standardized assessments, such as sensory processing and fine and gross motor skills.

In-Person and Virtual Sessions

Sessions focus on developing a relationship, supporting regulation, and providing a safe space: this is foundational to engagement and learning.

Consultation & Education

Parent education and support are essential parts of our role! When families feel supported, they can advocate effectively and parent in ways that feels right for them.

Our Story

Brendan started a small private practice in the Comox Valley in 2019 and it has quickly grown to become Inner Rhythm Pediatrics. We are proud to offer a team approach. Our focus lies in working together and connecting with families to support them with their priorities. We are passionate about encouraging kids to build on their own strengths and interests.

Brendan McCann